A version of life

Unwillingly, unknowingly, we are allocated to this world. So puny, so innocent.. yet straight away, watching, learning. Every sentence and every action morphing our minds.

Some beautiful memories playing in the parks, or just the house. In most circumstances of course. Maybe with siblings, maybe with pets. The world seems so big, but the world doesn’t really leave your neighbourhood.

As you grow, you broaden your horizons. Social interactions become more intense and you face challenges that determine who you are.  Emotions multiplying along with your body.

Hormones stabalising, you wave your youth goodbye. Boyfriends, girlfriends, they can pass too. Your friends become strangers, and strangers become your friends.

You watch success and failure. Lovers become mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, building their lives. This may all sound depressing to you, but it’s a beautiful thing having any form of life.


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