Society and all it’s pleasures

IMG_9257You are judged for absolutely everything in society. And at the end of the day, what does it really matter? We all end up the same way (nice and morbid I know) and no one is gonna care about your Louboutins when you’re gone.

People will remember the things about you that you feel are now lost in this day.

Your warmth, your smile, your sweetness when times were tough. Your passion and drive, when you’re fighting for what you believe in. That proud kiss you give to your close ones when you’re proud, or when you’re trying to cheer up their teary faces. 

I feel like so many people are so materialistic that everyone forgets the small things in life. The good mornings and the good nights, the sun on your face and the stars when the night is clear. The people around you that love you for you.

Love to one and alll of you

FIGHT “the norm” 


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