Attraction is a weird thing, but something that is programmed into us. It’s “the norm” to find a partner, start a family etc. Attraction is a broader spectrum. Obviously you don’t get married and start a family with everyone you’re attracted to, haha we think we’re over populated now! Anyway.. I’m trailing off! 

Psychologically, there is so much more to it than that. First of all, Psychology says we tend to be attracted to someone who looks like us, which is super weird because I can’t imagine being attracted to myself. But I suppose attributes of yourself would also come into that. And why wouldn’t you be attracted to someone with the same morals or aspirations as yourself! Even weirder though, it also says that you will be more likely to be attracted to some who looks like your parents.. ew

Also another interesting point is that you’ll be more likely to be attracted to someone when you’re excited or happy. This is because people mistake the feeling of happiness or excitement with attraction. So next time you’re really happy, maybe have a “think 3 times system” before taking someone home! 

Beer goggles are a legit thing too! Not that any of us needed telling that! (Most of us have been there) 

We are attracted to other things about a person, not just how they working it in that red top. Smell and taste are also a thing, along with all your other senses. If you think someone is attractive on the outside, when you taste them you may think they taste like a 2 day old kebab, and obviously nip it in the bud. Im kidding of course, but all the senses are seriously important where attraction is concerned. So Joop up fellas!! 

Carrying on from how they working it in that red top though, specifically a hererosexual man is attracted to red. (Obviously won’t apply to everyone, but I’m sure people can relate). This is because red is associated with a red rash that appears on a woman’s chest during intamacy. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed my ramblings anyway and you’re feeling like you haven’t wasted your time. For now I’m going to watch the “Stranger Things” series on Netflix. Highly recommend to anyone that likes Stephen King. 

Peace n Love to all 


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