Whoever did the rhyme did the crime


A builder, building dreams in the form of bricks and cement 

Helping families have warmth and a sense of security

Building site banter, fulfilment each day

White van drivers, speaking words with no purity 

A florist spending each day playing with nature 

Making beautiful arrangements for societies pleasure 

Good times, bad times, a florist can help 

For apologies, weddings, or just for good measure 

A celebrity, giving each generation an idol

Someone to give them hope in times of great need 

Singing, dancing, acting, spending their lives in the spotlight 

Sometimes for the greater good, and sometimes for the greed 

A man of the streets, each day is a struggle

Finishing the day or, even eating makes it a good one 

Conversation is weak, but yet he is strong

For living with nothing, is a battle he has won

With this poem I try to shed the light 

On how everyone is different, yet at the same time.. not

Everyone sails through each day, no matter which walk of life

So if you’re reading from an cafe, or from a private yacht,

reading from your workplace, or in a parking lot 

You’re amazing, just the way you are 


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