People watching fun

So, I know I only just started writing this, but I thought I’d base my first proper post on my thoughts this morning. 

I’m often trapped in my brain, thinking at 100mph. As I sit on the bus around me I can see a woman of around 40, ferociously talking in Spanish to someone on her mobile. I wonder who it could be, did her child not eat all of their breakfast this morning? Did her husband forget their anniversary? 

Next to me is a small boy of around 12, playing Pokemon Go. An elderly lady with her scarf up to her eyeballs and a hat on. 

Things like this fascinate me, and it may be weird that I think like this but I know I’m definitely not the only one. It’s amazing to think that there are billions of people on this earth, no two the same. Every person has different struggles and positives in their lives. You see groups of friends giggling in one corner, and in the other someone drinking alone, in envy of the group. Or do they just like their own company? 

I love people watching, and I’ll always do it as long as I live. It gives you a real perspective on others rather than just focusing on the good and bad in your life. When you realise that you are not alone in the world, and for sure you’re not the worst off, you will always have a sense of happiness.

Every single person is beautiful the way they are, your universe is right for you. 

Peace out! 


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